Monday, November 12, 2012

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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Clash of Clans - Saving Money

I agree. The title is confusing. How can you possibly save money when you are getting constantly attacked every 12-16 hours and your gold mines aren't produced enough gold to cover the losses.

This is where i have the answer as if you follow my simple technique you can save up for a expensive town hall in no time.

Due to the general inefficiencies of the gold mines my tip in clash of clans is to attack. Attack, attack and attack. this is why elixir is important. Though there is a catch.

After each attack you must ensure you leave clash of clans open on your ipod/iphone as when the game is open you are unable to be attacked. This does require some time but can easily be achieved whilst watching television or a movie

You need to make sure you don't let the ipod/iphone turn off or quit out of clash of clans as even if its off briefly you can be attacked and loss roughly 30-35% of your money. By effectively using this technique you can easily save up for expensive upgrade and soon have the best defence in the game.

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General Advice

Look at players defences with the same town hall as you and even copy their defence if it is more efficient than yours.

The most important thing to upgrade is your clan castle.

Gold is generally more important than elixir but both are essential to a good village.

Make sure your storages never reach full capacity. Upgrade, upgrade, upgrade.

For more advanced villages try to avoid things like cannons being protected by a outside wall as it can easily be destroyed by archers.

If possible always try to keep a extra builder to spend any money gained on fences so you only lose a minimal amount when you are attacked

Also send a decoy troop (e.g. archer, barbarian) to avoid the mortars first strike destroying alot of your troops

Find a good clan.

DON'T join clans, become elder and delete everyone. Destroyed my top clan twice to now a nothing average clan.

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Importance of gems

Many people new to the game will initially spend or their gems on quickly building up their village dur to inexperience of the game without understanding the importance of this currency.

I admit i was one who carelessly wasted gems on finishing buildings to avoid getting attacked with a defensive weapon. How foolish i was.

The game is designed to purchase gems so Supercell can make money from this free app. So this is why it is so so hard to gain gems except from achievements and removing obstacles such as plants and rocks.

This is why it is so important to save all your gems for important measures such as builders hut which can quickly improve your village. It is also very important to reach 1250 trophies due to the 450 gems you receive which can guarantee your 3rd or 4th builders hut. It should not be spent on anything else.

I have yet needed to purchase any gems and this is an optional choice that gives back to Supercell for the effort they put into the free app.

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Basic Attack Strategy

There are many advertised techniques and strategies on how to attack in Clash of Clans. But some are not effective and simply don't suit most players.

This is why its important to attack specifically to your requirements whether it be gold, elixer or trophies. You may need to save up for specific upgrades for your village.

Many people use different strategies such as gold rushing (all goblins), all gallons and/or giants. These all can work but with my hints and tips i can teach you how to successfully attack.

I generally use a mix of bombers, archers and giants. About roughly 5% bombers, 40% giants and 60% archers but this changes depending on my level of army camps. By upgrading these guys in the Laboratory you will ensure success.

Other methods can work effectively but i have generally discovered are too costly or take way too long when you need quick resources. Also my method generally guarantees over 50% of resources damaged so you don't lose trophies like you regularly do with a goblin gold rush

Stay tuned guys and happy gaming :)
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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Clash of Clans Advice

Hey Guys

Im here to inform YOU on how to gain the best strategy on clash of clans without having to spend gems to upgrade your village.

As a fellow fan of clash of clans i will be evaluating many types of defence and attack strategies to optimise the best results.

I will be going through clash of clans weapons such as cannons, archer towers, mortars etc and guide you the correct process to upgrade them to get the strongest defence.

Stay tuned and i may even invite you into MY clan ;)